Metanoia are a rock band who play for the “Rock Mass” – alt:worship within the sacramental tradition. We’re pilgrims on the way following God where he takes us…


Ruth and Robb have been married for over a decade. They also play together in a giging rock band called Silverthorn around the Yorkshire area. Robb is a priest in the Church of England. They started doing Rock Eucharist services at theological college and together with a couple of friends have been worshipping sacramentally together ever since.

A Rock Band who have worked with all sorts of different groups to create sacramental alt:worship services with a distinctively ROCK feel \m/

Whilst they generally do anglican services they’ve have been known to do methodist and …. well, if you want us….. They have been invited to play events ranging from small local churches and big diocesan events to The Big Top at Greenbelt!!

If you are interested in what we do and whether it would be possible to work together, please get in touch.