We had an absolutely fantastic time this year at Greenbelt.  One of the highlights was once again being invited to collaborate with Blessed to worship in The Big Top.  It is always a tight schedule with a 30 minute window to set up from scratch and sound checked.

The inception of the service came about over a curry in Portsmouth with a discussion between Fr Simon, Robb and Ruth about what it means to look towards the future as a disciple.  The scriptures give us glimpses of both future dystopia and utopia but culminate with the new heaven and earth of John’s Revelation.  As Greenbelt turns 40, what does it mean to have a mid life crisis?  Does life begin at 40?


With an honest look at the world around us we kicked off with Aerosmith’s Living on the Edge and a lament intermingled with Alter Bridge’s Before Tomorrow Comes.  we moved on to our hopes and dreams with the wonderful knotty prayers that seemed to last forever!  A really powerful moment as members of the congregation told us again and again throughout the rest of the weekend.  As we gathered around God’s table we looked to our future hope as we were sent out with God’s blessing into the world we live in to be a hope for the future.

We wrote the Eucharistic setting especially for the event but you can expect to see the Life Begins Setting at rock masses in the coming years.

It was a real privilege to be part of the Blessed Big Bash and we hope that we will conspire again as we head into the future….

We managed to get a few pics of the Blessed Big Bash in the Big Top at Greenbelt.  Hope you like them.